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List of Available Live Casino & Sports Betting Games at emp88.com:

• Slots • Sic bo • Lottery
• Baccarat • Sports betting • Keno
• Roulette • Dragon Tiger • eSports Betting

EMPIRE runs off the latest in payment processing technology, and as a result - its deposit and withdrawal speeds are absolutely phenomenal. Unlike most casino and sportsbook sites, which utilise manual payment methods using bank deposits and manual staff verification, EMPIRE uses the best and latest payment solution method available in the industry - as a result, our test deposits and withdrawals are processed almost *instantly*. Impressive.

EMPIRE is great with its promotions. It runs the industry-standard First Deposit bonuses and also Daily Bonuses, but at the same time - it offers an unlimited 5% bonus to *all* deposits that you make, giving you the best value for your money. At the same time, it offers fair rollover requirements. Bonus collection and calculation methods are also automated, so customers do not have to fuss or worry about their bonus amounts.

Customer Service
As a world-class live casino and sportsbook site, EMPIRE provides the same level of quality and attention its customer service. Chat responses are speedy and polite, and they are always eager to help. We have gone in with various issues, and all of them were resolved within minutes. Truly phenomenal. We gladly award five stars to this department.

This is where EMPIRE truly shines. Released as a revolutionary contender in today's oversaturated live casino market, EMPIRE sets itself apart with a truly secure system and servers - boasting truly fast payments and the best security the industry has to offer.

We wholeheartedly recommend EMPIRE and award it four stars. It hit the ground running and has not slowed down at all, quickly overtaking other live casino and sports betting sites in its performance, service and security.

This is truly indicative of highly experienced hands behind this site, coming out with a fresh and modern take of an old formula to truly shake up the industry.

Once again - highly recommended site. Four stars for EMPIRE.




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