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Help2Pay is the number one online payment software to facilitate secure online payment and transfer of cash to and from major banking accounts within Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and most recently - China.

Founded in 2013, Help2Pay has been making waves in the online marketplace, offering consumers and business owners a brand new way to securely and safely make transactions. It has established itself a standard payment software provider for many popular gaming websites, including many of the sites listed here on Help2Pay’s payment acceptance software provides reliable, market-tuned solutions needed to provide a fast and secure service. Coupled with security features and compliance with the latest online and financial security protocols, Help2Pay ensures infallible risk management through their advanced knowledge of payment industry compliance mandates coupled with experience with tactics used to detect and divert data fraud schemes.

Their support is backed up with intricate processes and tools to ensure that they reduce and eliminate risk at the industry level through advanced trending and analytic reporting tools used to review and monitor detailed transaction data. These advanced and proprietary security protocols ensure that Help2Pay is a safe and secure portal for all of your online payment needs.

From our experience and rigorous trials of the Help2Pay payment software, we can safely conclude that Help2Pay is a safe, trusted and secure payment software for all your payment and transaction needs.

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