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We have surveyed our top gaming sites and compiled their most frequently asked questions. There are plenty of ways:

Q: Some of gaming sites do not display any of their bank details. How can I make my deposit?

A: For security, some gaming sites do not display their bank details publicly. It will normally show up only when the player opts to make a deposit. If you are still unable to find the bank details relevant to make your transaction, please contact the support team of your gaming site.

Q: What is a roll-over/turnover?
A: It means the total amount that needs to be wagered. For example, a turnover requirement of 5x means you have to place bets equal to 5 times the deposit (plus any bonuses you have received) in order to achieve the requirement. Legitimate gaming sites usually have turnover requirements for their deposit bonuses to prevent criminal gambling syndicates or bonus cheaters from exploiting deposit bonuses.

Q: Help! I’ve deposited some money on Friday night. It’s Sunday morning now and my withdrawals still have not been processed! Has the gaming site run away with my money?
A: Don’t worry - your money is safe. For the purpose of player security, most gaming sites follow normal bank working hours and days. A deposit or withdrawal submitted on the weekend should normally be processed by the following Monday.

Q: Why do most gaming sites require an online transfer/ATM/Cash Deposit receipt when I submit a deposit?
A: Receipts are required for verification of transfer with the bank involved. This is standard procedure and is used by many online merchants in their transactions. Please be careful of gaming sites which do not ask for your receipt when you make an online transfer/ATM/cash deposit.

Q: After I submit a deposit or withdrawal, do I need to contact the gaming site’s support team to notify them about my deposit/withdrawal?
A: No, you do not have to manually notify a site after making a deposit or withdrawal. Modern legitimate gaming sites have automated payment processing systems which will directly notify the staff of an incoming deposit or withdrawal. It may take a short time for verification to be made, but rest assured that your transaction has been recorded.

Q: Help! An online gaming site has told me that I do not qualify for a bonus because I am using the same computer as a friend. Why do some online gaming sites have such strict rules regarding same IP/household/computer holding duplicate accounts?
A: Many criminal gambling syndicates and bonus cheaters are operating online, trying to cheat and exploit bonuses and ruining your gaming experience. Legitimate online gaming sites usually have strict bonus rules in order to stop these cheaters from exploiting and ruining the experience of legitimate and fair customers like you.

Q: My deposits/withdrawals are not being processed quickly! What’s up with that?
A: Due to the sensitive nature of the online gaming industry, for their players’ safety and security, many online gaming sites will follow the opening hours of your local bank when processing your deposits/withdrawals. This means that your withdrawals may take slightly longer to process at night, during the weekends and also public holidays because the banks are closed.

Q: Who is behind Why should we trust you?
A: We are a small independent team of online gaming enthusiasts and writers at, frustrated at the abundance of scam gaming sites online. We created in order to list and rate online gaming sites which we have tried, tested, and considered trustworthy. We have strict rules and protocols when it comes to reviews and tests, and multiple levels of editorials - ensuring that you only see the best and most trustworthy casinos on our list. We hate scam sites as much as you do, and will only list sites we consider trustworthy.

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