Dafabet.com provides Sports Betting such as Football, Tennis, Basketball & other sports.



Dafabet Sportsbook offers a world class sport betting system that boast over 5,000 available live sports events to bet on. Their online sportsbook or sports betting has numerous sport types including football betting or soccer, tennis betting, hockey betting and basketball betting that punters can enjoy anytime with its great online betting odds, customer service and generous sportsbook promotions.

List of Available Live Games
• Sports betting

Depositing and withdrawing funds into Dafabet has been fairly positive for us. While we did not encounter any serious problems like missing transactions or human errors, cashing out was still a tedious wait. Granted, Dafabet is a huge company and their number of transactions must be immense. However, one would expect a bit more manpower allocated to such an integral part of the user experience.

Dafabet offers the usual first deposit bonuses and refer a friend bonuses. While it is nothing to write home about, we found the bonuses to be adequate to engage players.

Customer Service 
Our experience with Dafabet's customer service is rather mixed. While we enjoyed chatting with their friendly and helpful customer service representatives, it was a pain trying to reach them as it took quite a bit of an effort to track down and figure out how to contact them. Even then, it took a while before we managed to get a hold of a human to help us. Despite that, we are overall happy with the experience, as we understand that gaming sites are commonly flooded with customer support requests, often inane.

This is where Dafabet really shines. Dafabet has an extremely intuitive gaming software with a clean, sleek interface. Buttons are well-placed so that the user is rarely confused with functions. Our experience has been positive: we have had a pleasant experience playing on Dafabet's software.

Overall, Dafabet is a solid sportsbook. Its excellent software alone is worth overlooking the minor hassles encountered during our trial. If the other highly rated products on our list do not cater to your needs, Dafabet Sportsbook is definitely worth checking out.




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